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I play music all day, and dance nearly every night!

My father is a great musician, and I grew up listening to the best of classical and jazz, hearing him play with both symphonic orchestras and big bands. I always wanted to learn to dance to the great music I heard, whether it was Strauss waltzes or Glenn Miller swing tunes.​

I took up dancing as a hobby and was fortunate enough to meet and marry a man who shares my passion. Joe was working as a ballroom, swing and salsa instructor in Philadelphia, and when we were married, he moved here and we opened Hudson Valley Dance Depot, a studio where everyone can learn the joyful art of social dancing. We'd love to have you join us for a class, private lesson, or dance event! Visit the web site at

Dancing is a great way to feel and express music, enhancing all of my skills as a musician. Joe also plays guitar, drums, and sings, and we have a great time playing music together, too.