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Enjoy some past performances on flute and piano...

Here is my 2021 Christmas greeting:

Here are several videos from a benefit concert I played with my friends Yukiko Sasayama and Fumi Kuwajima. Thank you to my husband Joe and his company Artsy Video for professional videography services.

Franz Doppler's "Andante and Rondo for Two Flutes and Piano"


Gary Schocker's "Lovebirds"

Telemann's "Sonata in E Major for Two Flutes"

Mozart's "Piano Sonata in D Major" for Four Hands, One Piano

Playing bass flutes with my friend Lisa Esposito, from at concert at Marist College.

Gary Schocker's "Spaghetti Worms"

With my friends at the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra, playing the famous piccolo solo with Bonnie Ham and Laura Giorgio.

John Philip Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever"

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